Bolton and Gorka both say they are locked out of the White House

See also: "An Ideological Coup against Trump?" John Bolton and Sebastian Gorka both say they have been placed on lists forbidding them access to the White House, apparently to ensure that their views will not reach the president's ears.  Gorka is no longer welcome there, as MSNBC gleefully reported: Former presidential deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka is no longer welcome at the White House, according to internal Secret Service emails obtained by MSNBC. ... [I]nternal Secret Service emails suggest Mr. Gorka has been deemed persona non grata at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. "Over an hour before The Federalist broke the news reporting Gorka resigned, there was already an order from the White House security system not to let Gorka into the building," MSNBC host Chris Hayes reported Monday evening. The order appeared in an email sent at 6:45 p.m. Friday to the Secret Service Joint...(Read Full Post)