Bloodlust: CNN's firing of Jeffrey Lord brings out the worst in the left

On Friday, the day after conservative author Jeffrey Lord was fired from his on-air commentator job at CNN, it was a field day for analysts on both ends of the political spectrum.  Most of the comments came from the left since leftist publications, websites, and talking heads seem to outnumber ones on the right by a ratio of at least ten to one. In a number of published interviews, Lord was able to clarify and add more context to his tweeting "Sieg Heil!" to Media Matters president Andrew Carusone in a heated online exchange – a tweet heard 'round the world that resulted in Lord's firing by CNN, which has employed him for the past two years.  On Thursday afternoon, CNN said it was letting Lord go because "Nazi salutes are indefensible."  Lord explained to Vox, and to many other publications and broadcast outlets, that: CNN had gotten the story backward – that he was mocking Nazi salutes, not embracing...(Read Full Post)