Ben Rhodes, caught in the act

Former Obama administration Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes has been caught leading the charge to smear another member of the Trump administration.

According to Twitchy:

White House adviser Stephen Miller’s heated exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta revolving around the poem on the Statue of Liberty sparked any number of hot takes. Among the Left’s talking points: Miller’s knowledge of a detail about when “The New Colossus” was added to the Statue of Liberty was a clue that he’s a… well, here’s former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes making the accusation:

Perhaps because Stephen Miller is a white supremacist.

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) August 5, 2017



There is zero basis for Rhodes' charge that Miller's knowledge of basic American history has anything to do with white supremacism. Is he trying to say that only whites can know history? Or what is his bizarre claim.

But it's worse than just that surface risibility. Miller is Jewish. To call a Jewish person a white supremacist is the height of offensiveness, and absolutely a blood libel and smear. Hitler was a white supremacist and given that Miller is Jewish and the name 'Miller' is a very common German name, it would not be impossible that Miller may have had relatives lost in the Holocaust. Ben Rhodes goes straight for that offensive - and baseless claim because there is no bottom to how low he will go.

It brings up that Rhodes, who majored in creative writing in college, is a spin doctor. Spin doctors make up things.

There might be a perception out there that Rhodes' speciality is to make up unicorn "narratives" about his former boss, Barack Obama and how wise and wonderful he is. On that, he certainly does effortlessly, no matter what the facts.

There's also a perception that spin-doctor Ben makes up phony "narratives" to fool the American people, as he did with the Iran Deal, claiming he set up a media echo chamber to mislead the American public, and with his Libya scandal, where he had then-United Nations ambassador Susan Rice repeat his phony Benghazi talking points to mislead the American public on the reason an American ambassador was murdered in Libya, claiming it was the work of a spontaneous mob when in fact it was a full-blown planned al-Qaida attack.The idea was to perpetrate the Obama myth that al-Qaida was "on the run" as the 2012 election day approach rather than growing stronger than ever.

But there's a more important third reality, not just perception, that Rhodes's real game is to smear political opponents and anyone his masters below might find themselves displeased with. Rhodes now leads the Twitter charge against Miller, but he has also been caught attacking perfectly blameless people such as Sebastian Gorka, smearing him with false "Nazi" charges every bit as disgusting as the smears he is now leveling at Miller. In fact, there are a long chain of Rhodes targets in this vein.

This is Rhodes' real game. He plays Deep State with his holdover buddies still in the White House, as well as his former superiors such as Susan Rice and Barack Obama. But he also acts as Mister Smear for this crowd, consistently leading false charges and spreading libellous innuendo.

What kind of person is this? He's beyond disgusting. But by putting some daylight to his game, the overturned rock of his smear-minded agenda should keep whatever is crawling around under there wriggling from exposure.

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