Baltimore's 'nobody kill anyone' weekend leaves two dead

For the left, it's always the intentions that matter.  Hence, its whiny "nobody kill anyone" pleading from activists to the city's thugs, unveiled to great fanfare, didn't have much effect.  Two were killed over the weekend in random shootings in the Maryland city north of Washington, D.C.

The Daily Mail reports:

A weekend ceasefire in Baltimore has collapsed after two people were fatally shot.

Baltimore police said that two men were killed by gunfire in separate incidents on Saturday, shattering the 72-hour ceasefire called by desperate community members a little more than halfway through.

The initiative, dubbed 'Nobody Kill Anybody', came as the number of homicides in Baltimore surpassed 200 for the year, putting the city on pace for its bloodiest year ever.

Police said Saturday's first fatal shooting came around 5pm, when officers on patrol heard gunfire and responded.

How could this be?  I'll venture a guess:

Democrats in general believe in Big Government.  So if the government says something, it's only natural that all should bow down and do what it wants.  That's all it takes, because Democrats are all about good intentions.  Do this!  Do that!  Doesn't matter what – the government says so.  Democrats certainly would, and certainly some Republicans, too.  But thugs?  Well, they're a different story.  They view bowing down to government as an assault on their manhood.  They naturally do the opposite of what government wants.  They're thugs, for heaven's sake!

But with the Soros crowd particularly active in Baltimore, it's pretty obvious the left there doesn't believe there is a such thing as a thug.  They're all good boys who, deep down, want to do the right thing.  That's why "mass incarceration" must be stopped, in their minds.

Thugs see it differently.  Thugs are thugs, they know they are thugs, and thugs gonna thug.  Hence the shootings.

It's a pathetic idea not only to coddle thugs, but to imagine they follow directions.  Baltimore's purported act of commanding the thugs to become Nice People makes the city look weaker than ever as it fails miserably to get a grip on crime.  Sorry, Baltimorians – you don't stop killings by whinily asking thugs not to kill.

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