Any Democrats out there with the courage to call out Rep. Waters?

We've grown accustomed to hearing a lot of silly things from Representative Maxine Waters.  She's like the aunt who embarrasses you in every family meeting – or like the grandmother who keeps calling your wife by your ex-wife's name.

Since President Trump's election, Rep. Waters has taken her act to a new level. 

A few days ago, the gentlelady from California (isn't that how they speak in the House?) said this:

Asked on The View Friday morning if she was "disturbed" at all by the apparently illegal leak of confidential conversations Trump had with the presidents of Mexico and Australia during his first week in office, Waters said, "No, not at all. I am so glad they are telling us what's going on."

"I need to hear these conversations," Waters continued to applause from the audience. 

"Unfortunately, this is his problem," she said of Trump. "He is in a White House where he's got people working for him who don't believe in him, don't like what he's doing, and they're trying to tell the American public something."

So is she calling on bureaucrats to break the law?  Yes, she is, and that's insane.  

So how does this happen?  The answer is that the modern Democratic Party is no longer a serious organization.  It tolerates people like Rep. Waters because they are afraid of challenging a loudmouth who will respond by calling everybody a racist for questioning her remarks.  And to make matters worse, MSNBC will give her a segment to do it!

Where is the serious Democrat who calls out Rep. Walters and reminds her that leaking is illegal?  Sorry, but there aren't any – or at least, not any who are willing to challenge her in public.

Say goodbye to the Democratic Party.

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