Another immigrant deportation sob story falls apart

Since we're going to be getting a lot of these, might as well start on this immigrant sob story from NBC News that suggests any rule of law in the U.S. is cruel and unusual punishment.

Grandmother Deported for Voter Fraud Leaves U.S. in Tears

The woman in question, from Peru, was a legal immigrant, but used that privilege to illegally cast ballots in Illinois and then fought a ten-year battle in courts to shield herself from any consequences.

Everything in her story is designed to tug at the heartstrings, whip up public sympathy, and support Democrats who favor non-citizen voting. Everything else in that story evades the hard questions that need to be asked around the serious problem of voter fraud that NBC News is dismissing.

The headline alone gets the ball rolling: Grandmother. Tears.

She's not much of what a typical grandmother, given that she looks about 40 or so in her pictures. Somehow the media either never thought to ask the single mom of three, or else declined to write that she refused to give her age, or most likely, collaborated with her to keep her age off the story in a bid to keep that title of 'grandmother' live. Why was she a single mom, anyhow, given that her fundraising page makes such big claims to 'keeping families together'? Earlier news reports said she married her way into the U.S. and acquired legal residency status from that, while NBC says she had three kids in Peru meaning another man was in the picture there previously. And somehow the love with the American didn't last, which a real reporter might raise questions of marriage green card fraud, too, but the question goes unasked. As for tears, you'd think she'd be all cried out after a ten-year court battle, instead of suddenly surprised by bad news. In any case, what she did was a crime - she disenfranchised an American citizen's ballot by cancelling it out with her own illegal votes. Had she gone to the pokey for check-writing fraud or Medicaid scams, would she have any fewer tears? Somehow NBC News would have you think we should forget forever about the integrity of our elections because it might make some "grandmother" cry.

What's more, the report tries to lay her deportation on Trump. Fact: The deportation moves started under President Obama and only went to court stage during President Trump's term.

But who cares about facts when there's a narrative to push. NBC News gives its narrative, along with some heartstring-tugging photo lagniappe in this report:

Fitzpatrick left Peru in 2001 and legally came to the U.S. to seek a better life in America with her three daughters.

She found it.

She decided to study English and earn a certificate as a medical translator. Eventually, she married and got a green card as she pursued a career in nursing. Her three daughters, born in Peru, became naturalized U.S. citizens.

She applied for an Illinois driver's license in 2005, presenting her Peruvian passport and her green card. On one form, she declined to register to vote. But she said a clerk asked her if she wanted to register to vote. When she asked the clerk if she was "supposed to," she said the clerk responded: "It's up to you."

"Non-citizens should not be asked this question — period," Fitzpatrick said.

On another form, she checked the "yes" box next to the question: "Are you a U.S. citizen?" She said she thought that was the closest thing to her status — "legal permanent resident."

Then she voted — in two elections. She claimed she only voted for a local school superintendent candidate, because her daughters were in the schools.

It wasn't until she applied to become a citizen in 2007 that she said she learned those votes had been illegal. She admitted to the immigration officer what she did. The government soon started efforts to deport her.

O.K., let's take a look at what she signed as to falsely declaring herself a U.S. citizen:

It's bad enough that this great nursing graduate, which hardly a gut major, couldn't figure out how to answer 'no' to the question of being a citizen, which she most certainly knew she wasn't. It's that she couldn't read the print below it, which explicitly has her sign to say: The information I have provided is true ... If I have provided false information, I may be fined, imprisoned, or if I am not a U.S. citizen, deported from or refused entry into the United States.

Does it get any clearer what the consequences of lying are than that?

As for the transaction with the clerk that she thinks is more important than the mere paperwork she puts her name to in an official document, does it occur to any reporter to ask why the clerk in corruption-filled Chicago with its ward-heel politics, might have some incentive to get every non-citizen to vote? That's how the city is run, and it would be hard to think that after showing the brains to get a nursing degree, she would be entirely innocent of how that city works, particularly with the Obama and even Bush Junior administrations failing to enforce immigration law. Far more likely she did what she did because she knew the politics all too well and knew she could get away with it.

More heartstrings from NBC News:

"I am not a criminal," she said. "I am a nurse. I am a grandmother — and I am a mother."

Yep, and you are a vote-fraudster, too, who disenfranchised a U.S. citizen with your own illegal votes. Is she saying nurses and mothers never commit crimes, or are exempt from the consequences of their actions? Apparently so.

Here's a whopper NBC could have caught easily:

Then she voted — in two elections. She claimed she only voted for a local school superintendent candidate, because her daughters were in the schools.

It wasn't until she applied to become a citizen in 2007 that she said she learned those votes had been illegal. She admitted to the immigration officer what she did. The government soon started efforts to deport her.

Ah, the old 'I only voted in local elections' excuse, which is also a favorite nose-under-the-tent tactic for winning illegal immigrants the right to vote of the La Raza crowd.

If she only voted in local elections, why do the court papers show she voted in a federal election in 2006? You know, the year, Nancy Pelosi became Democratic House Speaker in a Democratic wave election? Scattered news reports say she voted in 2007, too, so the courts obviously didn't catch everything.

Fitzpatrick's protestation that she "only" voted in local elections is not only false, the tiny insignificance of the election she claims to have voted solely in suggests she knew that voting in a federal election was wrong at the time and didn't want to draw attention to it. 

The report continues on with rubbish and flapdoodle, quoting Fitzpatrick as saying:

"I am truly sorry for this error," she said. "I could never have done anything against this country." 

which is nonsense, she already did something against this country in casting illegal ballots to cancel out the votes of Republicans. Meanwhille, her Indiegogo crowd-funding page seems to think the U.S. is lacking in justice as she demands it, beginning with: Our Family is determined to fight for justice.

The sad thing is, she just doesn't see any need for there to be any consequences for her actions. Cast an illegal ballot, lose your green card. What does she think people who cast illegal ballots should be held accountable for?

More hypocritical still, her claim that going back to Peru, Latin America's fastest-growing economy, is somehow a death sentence. How much does she think an English-speaking nurse witih an American degree is worth in that boombing economy? She's very likely going to be living a lot richer in Peru than she will be here. Will someone in the mainstream media ask her that? Not on your life.

There's just too much sob-story narrative to promote.







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