Yet another climate fail

he AP says that warming in the Arctic causes cooling elsewhere:

New research suggests that warm spells at the top of the world can, surprisingly, cause unusually cold weather in parts of North America[.]

The new study, just out Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience by a team of researchers from South Korea, China and the United States, finds that warmer-than-usual springtime temperatures in the Arctic Ocean are followed by colder-than-usual temperatures across much of North America[.]

The new study builds on a previous paper, published by some of the same authors two years ago, which explored the link between unusually warm conditions in the Arctic Ocean and unusually cold winters in both East Asia and North America. 

The reason we get articles and studies like this is that the actual climate or weather is not cooperating with the dire predictions of the fear-mongers.  It is the same reasons that scientists go back and manipulate and adjust previous temperature data instead of admitting they were wrong.  Instead of the media and politicians from around the world questioning why the previous predictions were wrong and asking why anyone should believe future predictions, they just repeat what they are told.  It is absolutely no wonder why they want to cut off debate and call it settled science – because in a debate, facts would clean the clock of inaccurate computer models.  It would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.  If corporations manipulated previous data to make the current period look better, it would be fraud.

Here are a few hints for reporters, Democrats, and those who have been indoctrinated: warming does not cause cooling, cooling does not cause warming, too much rain doesn't cause droughts, and droughts don't cause floods.  Sometimes there is more snow, and sometimes there is less, and when we have an eleven-year mild hurricane period, storms aren't getting more frequent and stronger.  Finally, when temperatures have risen and fallen for significant amounts of time while CO2, industrialization, fossil fuel use, and populations have all been rising, there is no correlation.  There is a significant correlation among rising CO2, a clear, innocuous, nonpolluting gas, and the ability to feed a rising population.

Government policies should never be based on inaccurate, manipulated computer models.  Clearly politicians want to control our lives and take away our freedoms.  It is a shame they are so willing to harm the poor and middle class throughout the world as they pretend to care.

Does anyone truly believe that if we give politicians trillions of dollars, they can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity?

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