Why the attacks on AG Sessions?

President Trump is exactly right about this Russian probe.  It's one-sided, with too many Democrats in the Mueller team.  It's silly, since no one has found one darned bit of evidence of collusion between the Trump team and Russia.  Finally, I agree that A.G. Sessions should not have recused himself, having done nothing wrong.

At the same time, what is the point of comments and now a tweet saying A.G. Sessions is weak? 

Add to this the predictable story based on unnamed sources that the president is talking about firing A.G. Sessions.

Sorry, but I don't like it! 

A.G. Sessions comes across as a Southern gentleman, and maybe President Trump wants an "in your face" New Yorker.  However, A.G. Sessions is quietly going after sanctuary cities and promoting the president's agenda. 

Like some of you, I did not get on the Trump bandwagon until after the nomination.  I had my doubts about his temperament and commitment to conservative positions. 

Nevertheless, I give President Trump high marks on foreign policy. 

He is correct in holding the GOP accountable on Obamacare.  

He has a connection to blue-collar Americans in the Rust Belt not seen since President Reagan. 

President Trump has great potential, as Andrew Klavan wrote

In fact, it seems to me – a reluctant Trump voter – President The Donald has done a pretty darn good job so far. Rough-hewn, inexperienced and sometimes too much of a loudmouth for his own and the country's good, he has nonetheless managed to increase American freedom and productivity while dragging us back from the brink of the Moribund European Socialist Please-Kill-Us-Mohammed anti-Western vision of the last guy who held the office.

There's the great Supreme Court pick, of course. Plus he's eliminated sixteen old federal regulations for every new one put in place. He's made American foreign policy sane again by re-aligning us with Israel and pulling out of the nonsense Paris climate accord. You can talk about the non-wall all you like, but the drop in illegal border crossings under this president is, according to the head of the National Border Patrol union, "nothing short of miraculous." Stock market's up. Unemployment's down. Housing sales are up. ISIS is down. Oh, and Trump's brutal thrashing of our utterly corrupt and dishonest news media has been a joy to behold. 

I agree that President Trump should be furious that the media do not talk about this but are "Russia consumed."  However, President Trump does not have to tweet everything he is thinking or scold his staff in public.

It would be a huge mistake to fire A.G. Sessions.  It would take an eternity to approve a successor, and the Democrats will turn the hearings into a circus.  It also sends the wrong message about loyalty, the one thing you really need when your enemies are united to bring you down.

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