Why should anyone believe the big health insurance companies now?

Health insurance companies have come out against the Senate health plan that allows people the freedom of choice to buy cheaper policies if they want.

From this article:

Health insurance companies have largely bit their tongues about the Senate health care plan, but they are turning against it now, warning that a recent revision would send premiums skyrocketing for people with high medical costs.

Of course, these same companies were supporters of Obamacare as the public was continually lied to that their premiums would drop and Americans would be able to keep their doctors and existing plans if they liked.  Instead, people lost their plans and freedom of choice, and premiums skyrocketed.  Why should people believe them now?

In the U.S., the economy thrived for over 230 years before Obamacare without people being required to buy health insurance and with the choice of buying cheap policies if they liked.  But now, according to Democrats, the media, and big insurance companies, it would be a disaster now if people were again given freedom of choice.  That sounds like a self-serving prediction to me.

Life expectancy also continually went up prior to Obamacare but unexpectedly dropped after a few years.

The people need their freedom back.