Who are the GOP warmists?

They are the worshipers of a lesser god, global warming.  Foreign Policy, the propaganda arm of the Brookings Institution, reports that a number of Republican congressmen helped defeat an amendment to the 2018 defense funding bill proposed by Scott Perry of Pennsylvania.  Perry's amendment would have removed an amendment introduced by Jim Langevin of Rhode Island to require the Department of Defense to report on global warming.

Langevin's amendment has some amusing bits.  In the supporting evidence for global warming, one piece of evidence listed to demonstrate that global warming is really, truly, unequivocally happening is on page four:

(13) In the Yukon Training Area, units conducting artillery training accidentally started a wildfire despite observing the necessary practices during red flag warning conditions.

So some artillery rounds set fire to some brush in Alaska.  And as a consequence, the Department of Defense is required to examine the effects of make-believe on its operations?  On page five, the make-believers listed their demands with respect to the report the Department of Defense is required to compile, including reporting on the effects of increased flooding and drought at the same time.  The make-believers shouldn't be forced to choose.  They can have both flood and drought if they want them, and if everyone believes.

The United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, per Lincoln's assessment that the United States is "the last, best hope of earth."  That pullout may have saved humanity from a form of servitude.  As the Duke of Wellington said of Waterloo, it was "a damn close-run thing."  But the forces of darkness still hold a lot of high ground, believe they can still prevail and mount counterattacks to gain ground, as per the Langevin amendment.  The fact that the Department of Defense is producing a report on global warming will be used to say how serious a problem it is.

The head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, has proposed a blue team-red team dialogue to progress climate science, instead of simply appointing someone, such as Will Happer, to write the required report and get it over and done with.  Perhaps Mr. Pruitt thinks such an approach will provide legitimacy for the outcome.  The blue team won't play, though, because it means entertaining the thought that they could possibly be wrong.  Besides, we don't have the luxury of time.  There has yet to be even one official government report, from anywhere on the planet, saying global warming is nonsense.  There are 33 Republican-controlled states in the Union currently.  Any one of them could commission such a report on climate; all of them should.  This is a strategy that will capture the enemy's center of gravity – the scientific imprimatur for their belief system.

Now back to our first question: Who are these people?  Which Republican congressmen have broken faith and voted to subject their people to servitude, oppression, and contempt?  The list can be broken into two.  Firstly, there are the members of House Climate Solutions Caucus, the inner circle of self-selected misanthropes.  The Republican members of this group are:

If this first list can be considered as those who have consciously made a choice for evil, this second group are the easily deluded fools:

If you see your congressman on either list, please point out to him the error of his ways.

David Archibald is the author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare.

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