What is the Deep State?

What is the Deep State?  Who are its members?  What is their motive?  How many of them are there?  These are the questions we ask as we wonder why there is so much resistance against a non-politician U.S. president.

Defining the Deep State as anyone in the federal government who has something to gain by keeping the government as it is, these people would be the elected officials (both Democrats and Republicans), political appointees, and some of the civil servants.

The elected officials want to keep the status quo.  It gives them power.  If the government were small, nobody would care about what it does.  With the government big, campaign contributors eagerly enrich the politicians through donations, jobs for relatives, and the personal services of "ladies."

Civil servants in the intelligence industry have a way to thwart a president.  They leak rumors to the press that the president consorted with an enemy country.  It sounds like legitimate information because it came from the intelligence industry.  Of course, the anonymous can say whatever they want and not be held accountable.  There is no obligation to tell the truth.

James Comey did something similar after he was fired.  It sounds impressive that leaks of official memoranda reveal that President Trump committed obstruction of justice.  It sounds pitiful if Comey tells the New York Times directly that he is a disgruntled ex-employee, he felt that Trump treated him harshly, and he has his notes saying so.  It is the same information presented in a different way.

Who is not among the Deep State?  The Republican elected officials who hate the government with every fiber of their being.  Which Republicans are they?  They are the ones who speak of their hatred with anger in their voices.  Some people fake this anger, but you can tell the difference.  This is why Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio were the frontrunners in the Republican primaries.  The problem is that those who hate the government today may grow to love it after they get comfortable in Washington.

What can we do about the Deep State?  Recognize when they are playing their tricks, such as lying anonymously about Trump and his allies.  You can also expect the Democrats in Congress to be against everything Trump is for.  They want to defeat his bills so they can win the next election.  They want to save their empires.

The people of the Deep State enjoy being the slaves of the government.  They get many perks in exchange for their loyalty.  They do not care if this means that everyone else is enslaved.