What if they played sports with teams based on where players were born?

Imagine a Major League Baseball or NFL game where a team made up of Floridians played one made up of Texans. Or New Yorkers played against Californians.  Australia hosts just an unusual ongoing sporting competition called the “State of Origin Series,” in which special Rugby League teams are comprised of athletes based on which state they are from, rather than which team they normally play on for money. In Australia’s State of Origin Series, the game is always played between players from Queensland and players from New South Wales. These two states share a border, but are polar opposites in some ways. Very roughly speaking, Queensland can be compared to Texas, while NSW and Sydney can be compared to California and Los Angeles in spirit.   The rivalry stems from colonial days when on 6th June 1859, Queensland separated from NSW and became a sovereign colony under the auspices of Queen Victoria after whom the colony was named. We had our own navy and...(Read Full Post)