What counts as treason differs depending on the letter after your name

In 2012, Obama met with Russia and said he would be more flexible if he was re-elected.  The media and Democrats had no problem.  There were no investigations and no spying on Obama looking for collusion.

The Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, and their close associates got huge amounts of money from foreign governments including Russia.  In return, Russia got uranium, some of which it transferred to Iran.  There were no investigations by the FBI; Democrats and the media didn't care.  Kickbacks for uranium to the enemy looks like actual treason.

Russia attacked Ukraine, Ukraine requested defensive weapons from Obama, and Russia welcomed the fact that Obama turned Ukraine down.  Of course, the media and Democrats didn't lecture Obama about the need to be tough on Russia.  After all, the tough Obama had told Russia he would be flexible.

But Donald Jr. had a ten-minute meeting where he thought he might get dirt on Hillary in which he got nothing and gave nothing in return, and he and his father are essentially accused of treason.

Of course, it was OK for a fake dossier to come out on Trump that was also supposedly from Russia.  The Clintons were known for digging up dirt, and no one investigated the source.

In summary, Democrats can do whatever they want with foreign countries, including enemies like Iran and Russia, including giving them uranium.  But any Republican, especially someone connected with Trump, had better not ever talk to these people, even when he gets nothing in return, or there will be continuous investigations and wall-to-wall reporting.

We should all remember that this really has nothing to do with Russia.  Democrats, with the help of the media, are seeking to block anything that restrains the power of government.  Where are the stories of Democrats obstructing Trump?  We saw constant reports on Republicans obstructing Obama.

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