Washington Post follows NYT right off the cliff to pin blame for left's violence on right

Are they nuts?

After the legal trouble the New York Times has bought itself for its alleged libel against Sarah Palin, claiming in a recent editorial that she was the one who enticed a leftist pothead into shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Washington Post has followed that lemming right off the cliff, trying to pin the blame for Bernie Sanders campaign worker James Hodgkinson's attempted murder of a Republican congressman on...a pro-Trump populist radio host.

It's amazing.

It shows the ends to which the left – in particular its media branch – is determined to wriggle out of its own record on violence, which is abundantly clear just by its left evidence – in the trashed buildings in Berkeley, in the violent protests in Hamburg, in the thuggery of the Obama-devoted SEIU, in the burning garbage piles of the first anti-Trump protests and in the latest attempted gun assassination against Congressman Steve Scalise and several others.  The left is violent.  It endorses violence.  Its leaders do nothing beyond pallid lip service to condemn the violence.  And not a one of them is ever sorry.

What's more, none takes responsibility.  This would explain why the Washington Post, in a piece written by Peter Holley, expended nearly 2,000 words on an article attempting to pin the blame for Hodgkinson's violence on some shock jock it identifies as "conservative."

First things first: Can anyone name a single Bernie Sanders supporter who listens to conservative news outlets?  Right there, we have a credibility problem.  Such people would be worth their own news stories in themselves if the Washington Post didn't have an agenda.

Did the reporter explicitly claim that the would-be killer listened to the shock jock's station?  No, he covered himself from lawsuits as best as he could by saying there is no proof that James Hodgkinson ever listened to shock jock Bob Romanik, whose radio station Holley claims Hodgkinson could have listened to.

Was Romanik really as "conservative" as implicitly claimed by Holley?  Over and over again, he describes Romanik (whose history includes bank fraud and strip club building) as a "registered Republican" and "Trump supporter."  Yet to hear Romanik describe himself, claiming himself a mercenary of principles or something like it, he doesn't sound all that conservative.  Romanik, to read the interview, is some sort of populist, which might buttress Holley's case that Hodgkinson listened to him, but this is not nearly as important to Holley as pinning the conservative label on him and saying it was the radio, not the Sanders culture of rage against Republicans, that fueled the lunatic's shooting spree.

This brings us to the most important omission in the piece: any evidence that Hodgkinson listened to the drivel.  Did he?  Did Holley go interview the family and ask them what he listened to?  Not according to the story.  Did he find anything from the evidence the cops had?  Not according to the story.  He got some speculation from Romanik that he might have, but explain to us how Romanik would actually know.

What it all goes to show is that the left will do anything – lawsuit from Palin or no lawsuit – to pin the blame for any violence perpetrated by the left on the right, particularly those aligned with Donald Trump.  Journalistic standards are out the window on this one.  No wonder people are outraged.

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