Trump's biggest mistake – not going after Hillary

When Donald Trump said he would not pursue legal action against Hillary Clinton after he won the election, the majority of his supporters were not happy.  After all, what Hillary, her family. and the Clinton Foundation actually did, or were accused of doing through credible evidence, was obviously criminal.

Fast-forward to today, and the onslaught of false Russian collusion accusations against President Trump, and it is obvious why not going after Hillary was a huge mistake.

After the election, as there always seems to be, there is a kind of political vacuum period.  It is usually called a honeymoon for a newly elected president.  Unfortunately, this period of time is mostly controlled by the media.

In most cases, this period is filled with relatively positive and generally inquisitive news from the media about a new president's agenda, whom he is putting together in his team, and figuring out how he plans to implement his policies.  There is often positive news during this period about the new first family and how they will perform in their new public role.  But in the case of President Trump, it was abundantly clear after a mostly vicious political battle between the Trump and Hillary teams that there was only one candidate eligible to be granted a honeymoon period by the liberal news media: Hillary Clinton.  And if Donald Trump were to actually win the election, as he did, there would be hell to pay.  Welcome to hell, President Trump.

There is no way Donald Trump or any of his political advisers couldn't have seen this coming.  And if there was any doubt at all by Trump and his team that they would not get a traditional presidential honeymoon, the hundreds of anti-Trump political rallies (more like violent riots) across America calling for "resistance" to President Trump should have been enough to erase any and all doubts – not to mention the immediate wall-to-wall negative liberal media coverage that began the day after the election.

Donald Trump's gut instinct to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton and her family foundation was spot on.  Trump specifically promised America during a debate that he would do this.  As a business man who is also well acquainted with politics, Trump instinctively knew that defeating Hillary Clinton at the polls would not stop the attacks by the media, and that he needed to stay on offense and finish off Hillary and the entire Clinton political machine for good.

But Donald Trump did something he rarely ever does – he went against his gut instinct, blowing his chance to fill the political void with something he knew would eventually benefit his presidency.  Trump knew that that something to fill the political void was a legitimate criminal investigation of actual crimes that had been committed by Hillary Clinton.

Trump's decision to let Hillary off the hook could probably be chalked up to political naïveté – basically wishful thinking on his part that the liberal media would see it as a peace offering and reward him with a presidential honeymoon period.  Fat chance!  Donald Trump's political naïveté on this matter was and still is a huge disappointment to his supporters.

The liberal media must have been ecstatic when they realized that Donald Trump was giving Hillary a total pass on her criminal activity.  The liberal media knew they had just been given a golden opportunity to unleash relentless negative attacks on President Trump the likes of which have never before been seen in American history.  The liberal media happily gave Donald Trump something for winning the election: a nightmare he will never forget – a nightmare that has yet to end and will continue for the next four years if the liberal media continue to get their way.

When Trump announced that he would not pursue legal charges against Hillary, the liberal media took that opportunity and quickly filled the post-election political void with a manufactured story of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in hopes of destroying the Trump presidency before it could even get off the ground.  That political void is now so full of Russian collusion stories that President Trump's agenda and accomplishments are virtually unknowable by the average American citizen – unless, of course, they watch Fox News, follow conservative web media, or listen to Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio.

So what defense do President Trump, his political team, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the conservative airwaves offer against the Russian Trump collusion story?  They tell whoever will listen that Hillary Clinton actually did break the law.  Seriously?  So now President Trump and his supporters want to prosecute Hillary Clinton after Trump said he wouldn't pursue legal action against her?  Well, that train has left the station.  The golden opportunity to take down Hillary and the entire Clinton machine was passed over by the president himself.  And even if Trump now tries to revisit Hillary's criminal activities through lawful means, his efforts will be branded as nothing but a political distraction to try to cover up the liberal media-driven fake Russian Trump collusion story.

Had President Trump honored his promise and pursued a broad criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and her family foundation immediately after he was inaugurated, the exact opposite could be happening in the media right now.  The political void that is now filled with Russian Trump collusion stories could have been filled with criminal investigation stories of Hillary and her family foundation, collusion between the media and the Hillary campaign against Bernie Sanders, collusion between Hillary and Russia regarding the uranium deal and the kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton personally, and probably much more.  Had Donald Trump followed his initial gut instinct and gone after Hillary and her family, the tables would have been turned on Democrats and the liberal media and the fake news about any Russian Trump collusion would have been branded by the Trump administration and conservative media as a political distraction by Democrats and the liberal media in an attempt to cover up investigations into actual crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and her family.

So what can President Trump possibly do to turn the tide against the Democrats and liberal media?

How about instead of using Hillary's criminal activities as a defense against the fake-news Russian Trump collusion narrative, the Trump administration actually investigates her?  If they are so certain she's guilty, then enforce the damn law!  And maybe, just maybe, if President Trump urges A.G. Sessions to empanel a grand jury and re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton right now, the facts concerning her criminal activity in the news might be enough to quell the Democrats and liberal media zealot's agenda and get them to ease up on pushing fake news and begin covering news that matters to the forgotten men and women of this great country.

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