Those of us who had decent health care in 2009 have been ripped off

In 2009, the healthcare system was working reasonably well for around 85% of us. Instead of trying to address the problems of those that weren't covered, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the American Medical Association, hospitals, and insurance companies chose to rework the system for all of us.

They wrote a 2,000-plus-page law with over 10,000 pages of regulations and 20 new taxes. On order to pass the bill they continually lied to the people that if they liked their plan and doctor they could keep them and it would lower premiums. They knew this wasn't true because they dictated exactly what had to be in the policies to please the government. The CBO dutifully estimated that 26 million would be covered by 2016 and that the 10 year cost would be less than $1 trillion. Within three years, the estimate was over $2 trillion and only 11 million were covered. The government bribed the states with 100% coverage of Medicaid expansion for awhile.The media gladly repeated the lies about Obamacare and supported it every step of the way
Now that costs have exploded, choice has been taken away, Medicaid costs are uncontrollable and the exchanges are collapsing, Durbin and the others say 'don't repeal.' They blame Republicans for the collapse and repeat Congressional Budge Office numbers as gospel. And again, the media just repeats Democrats' talking points and CBO numbers with no questions asked.
It is sure hard to stop entitlements when they start because there are always victims. It is no wonder we are broke because once a program starts, no matter how it performs, it is always expanded and anyone who wants to stop, change or control it is ripped to ribbons as mean-spirited. We are greatly harming our children (that Democrats always pretend they care about) with massive debt.
We need our freedom back.
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