The Democrats have a new agenda, and guess what...

Democrat leaders have been working on a new agenda for many months because they lost in 2016 and because of their continuous losses the last six years and after all their hard work.  Dana Milbank of the Washington Post – and, I am sure, most reporters – is very proud of the Democrats' amazing product.

Here it is, because I know everyone has been sitting on pins and needles waiting for the geniuses' solutions:

Titled "A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages," it is expected to have many Democratic staples – tax increases on the rich, affordable college, infrastructure spending, higher wages, job training, paid family leave and the like – and a few new ones.

Now, to me, it looks exactly like their old agenda, but I thought I would do a brief synopsis on each item.

Tax increases on the rich.  This is their solution to everything because the "rich" don't spend, save, and invest their money as efficiently as Democrats and bureaucrats do.

Affordable college.  This is where Democrats pretend college is free and of course pay for it with taxes on the rich and future generations.

Infrastructure spending.  This is where the government taxes the rich and everyone else, siphons off a significant amount for itself, and then decides politically how the money is spent.  Uncle Sam then slaps massive regulations on the spending, like the racist Davis-Bacon Act, to reduce the bang for the buck.  That way, politicians and bureaucrats can continue to take more for themselves.

Higher wages.  Since businesses have a lot of money sitting around, it is necessary to make them pay more.  The fact that this destroys jobs and cuts hours is irrelevant because it feels good.  Reducing opportunities for the young and minorities is a side benefit because it makes more people dependent on government, and they tend to vote for Democrats.

Better jobs.  That would be to destroy fossil fuel jobs and replace them with green jobs.

Job training.  Has this ever been tried before?  That's a joke, because this has probably been on every politician's agenda for decades.

Paid family leave.  I believe there is nothing better than the government stacking additional regulations on the under-regulated businesses.

I thought this was one of the funniest opinion pieces I have seen in a long time, because the gullible Milbank actually thinks this is a new agenda.

In summary, Democrats believe that the government is the solution to everything, which means they have an infantile knowledge of economics.

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