The bureaucrats' final weapon against Charlie Gard

A friend who must remain anonymous writes:

The Gards have been fighting since November.  The longer their baby goes without getting the treatment they seek for him, the further he deteriorates.

The U.S. doctor has said he'd send the medicine to the U.K. if Charlie wasn't allowed to come to America.

The U.K. judge announced during yesterday's hearing that he wouldn't come to a decision.  This is the same judge who ruled against the parents last time.

Every day of delay assures that the judge and the hospital don't look bad should the baby get that treatment after all and it is in some manner successful.

The goal of every bureaucrat everywhere.

The government medical cartel is running out the clock.

There was a movie with Denzel Washington where he plays a parent of a child who needs a transplant.  To make that happen, he takes people at the hospital hostage.  Denzel was the hero of that movie.