Spot the crazy president

Many people are saying that President Trump is crazy.  Here are just some of the things I believe show that the previous president was the crazy one.

President Obama threatened to cut off education funds if schools didn't allow boys to go into girls' facilities if they felt like girls.  Anyone who not only thinks that it is OK for boys to expose their sex organs to girls, but thinks the government should force everyone to allow it is off his rocker.

He continually lied when saying people could keep their doctors and their plans and premiums would drop substantially.  Jonathan Gruber said they had to lie to get the stupid American people to support Obamacare.  Pathological liars are both crazy and dangerous.

He kept Eric Holder even after Holder committed perjury.  It is crazy that honesty was of so little importance to the president.

He knowingly allowed Hillary to accept and send classified documents on a personal computer and server.  It is crazy and stupid for him to say he didn't know when he had personally sent her email.  It is hard to describe a president who said he didn't see anything that put the U.S. in jeopardy or that violated the law.  Crazy seems inadequate.

He continually illegally spied on people, including political enemies throughout his term in office.  Paranoia certainly shows a mental illness.

He blamed Bush throughout his term, and now he and others blame Trump for the collapse of Obamacare.  The fact that the media allow this deflection of blame shows that they are crazy, too.

He, Hillary, and others allowed Americans to die while concocting a lie about a video.  Again, pathological liars are crazy and dangerous.  Did the president go into hiding that night?  We still don't know where he was that night, and the media never have cared.

He propped up Iran, the biggest supporter of terrorism throughout the world, when Iran was collapsing.  That is crazy and dangerous.

He believes that if the people just give the government trillions of dollars, they can control the temperature, sea levels, and storms forever.  Anyone with delusions of grandeur like that is bat crazy.

He promised flexibility to Russia and laughed at Romney when he said how dangerous Russia was.  Now he pretends that he was always tough on Russia.  Of course, the media also pretend.  Selective memory could be a sign of craziness.

I can think of other indications that Obama was crazy, but I will leave that to others.

President Trump wants to give freedom, power, and purse back to the people.  That is not crazy; it is what our founders intended.