Spot the anti-climate science demagogue

We're all supposed to believe Al Gore's claims of climate doom because of science, which in his view has authoritatively and irrevocably spoken in the form of dodgy surveys claiming "scientific consensus."  So when Al Gore tells us that the calving of a giant ice sheet ("an iceberg as big as Delaware") off Antarctica is a "jarring reminder of why we must solve the climate crisis," we can't expect any research into the question.​

The Larsen C ice shelf has broken away from Antarctica, a jarring reminder of why we must solve the climate crisis.

— Al Gore (@algore) July 12, 2017

Fortunately, Elliot Kaufman of NRO's The Corner, summarizes the findings of an actual expert on Larsen C:

As Adrian Luckman, the professor of glaciology who has long studied Larsen C, explains, “In satellite images from the 1980s, the rift was already clearly a long-established feature, and there is no direct evidence to link its recent growth to either atmospheric warming, which is not felt deep enough within the ice shelf, or ocean warming, which is an unlikely source of change given that most of Larsen C has recently been thickening.”

Nor will it even contribute to sea level rise, as The Guardian alleged. Luckman writes that there is “unquestionably no direct effect on sea level because the iceberg is already afloat and displacing its own weight in seawater.”

Some researchers think that Larsen C may eventually collapse, but Luckman makes clear that the collapse would not be imminent and that other researchers “are confident that Larsen C will remain stable.” He concludes that “What is not disputed by scientists is that it will take many years to know what will happen to the remainder of Larsen C.”

Photo via NASA Earth Observatory

Isn't this an example of using social media to spread a hysteria that can only be described as "fake news"?  According to a lot of angry Democrats, that's what Russia did, so it is a terrible thing.  

I thought we were supposed to pay attention to science when it comes to climate.

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