Smug European Court of 'Human Rights' Issues Death Sentence to Baby

Next time some smug, supercilious European Union advocate lectures America on the supposed superiority of the European Union's record on human rights, socialized medicine or one world government, bring up the case of the death sentence issued to a tiny British baby named Charlie Gard by the European Court of Human Rights (sic). Baby Charlie was denied the right to free medical care in the states, treatment that would not have cost the state a dime, based on the private fundraising of the baby's devoted parents.  The court in that land of euthanasia enthusiasts nevertheless acted on the vetrinary logic that the baby best be put out of his misery, not exposed to a possible cure. It makes no sense because the European court and the British hospital claim the baby is already brain dead. So why would this matter? Possibly related to that, the British hospital denied the parents so much as the right to take the baby home to die, surrounded by his loved ones. They want him to...(Read Full Post)