Seven Republicans betray their party and their constituents

Yesterday, seven Republicans in name only – Sens. Shelley Moore Capito (W.V.), Susan Collins (Maine), Dean Heller (Nev.), John McCain (Ariz.), Rob Portman (Ohio), Lamar Alexander of (Tenn.), and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) – voted not to repeal major portions of Obamacare, Obama's dreadful legacy that has, for millions of Americans, virtually destroyed the health insurance industry and access to their actual health care.  Only members of Congress were allowed to keep their doctors and keep their plans.  That was the promise Obama made to every American.  It was a lie.

These seven senators have betrayed their party and the people who elected them.  Betrayal is common among people without conscience.  Yes, McCain has demonstrated prodigious conscience in the past, but no more.  He long ago became a tool of the left.  That is what the word "maverick" means when applied to John McCain.  It was Arthur Miller who wrote that "betrayal is the only truth that sticks."  And stick it does.  Not one of these people should be re-elected.

In opposition to the most basic of conservative principles, those seven senators are wedded to the welfare state and to expanding it, despite the fact that the nation is trillions of dollars in debt.  They obviously oppose the conservative tenet of personal responsibility, as they are promoting increased dependency among Americans, the notion that persons other than themselves should pay for their medical needs.

These senators claim to be representing their constituents, but they are not. They are self-serving sops for the left and the lobbyists who fill their coffers.  They are sell-outs.

Betrayal is always an inside job.  With the exception of Collins, long a lefty RINO, these senators all voted numerous times to repeal the deadly bill that has bankrupted thousands of businesses, sent doctors into early retirement, and left millions with no insurance at all.  And then there are the costs for those who did fall for the trap and enroll: they now cannot afford their premiums or their deductibles.  Everyone knows this, including those seven senators who betrayed those of us who elected them.  Do they care?  Not one bit.  They are happy to condemn the rest of us to the progressive dream of single-payer, the kind of system that rations care in the cruelest possible way.  It's the kind of system that makes people wait months and years for needed care or denies it altogether in the name of rationing or fairness.  There is nothing fair about it; it's sadistic.  But it will never affect them, so who cares?  They have nothing to lose.

The free market works, which is what drives the left and the RINOs crazy.  Let people choose the policy they need, want, and can afford?  No way; we are not smart enough.  We, the people and the doctors must be controlled by the government.  This has long been the absolute policy of the left.  Now seven Republicans have made common cause with them.

Could Trump have worked harder to woo them?  Maybe, but it likely would have done no good.  These seven traitors hate him as much as the loser Democrats do.  Collins was heard on a hot mic and conveyed exactly that sentiment.  A classy woman she is not.

The Democratic Party is mired in a swamp of its own making, a swamp made of cruelty, hate, and the profanity with which leftists routinely express themselves.  Now seven Republicans have joined them in their campaign to destroy not only Trump, but national health care as well.

Whatever happens throughout the day regarding the vote-o-rama, one thing has become clear.  Far too many of the Republicans in Congress are cowards of the most hypocritical kind.  Their word means nothing; they lack strength of character.  They think nothing of betraying the citizens who put them in office.  Maybe they have forgotten that betrayal is almost always the reason empires fall.

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