Rep. Luis Gutierrez has paid his wife over $400,000 in campaign funds

Representative Luis Gutiérrez apparently regards his Illinois 4th Congressional District seat – which he has held almost a quarter-century – as a family business.  Jos Schoffstahl reports at the Washington Free Beacon:

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Ill.) has disbursed tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to his wife this year, bringing her total compensation to more than $400,000 since she first appeared on his campaign's payroll.

If he had been disbursing campaign funds to his wife at a steady pace over 25 years, he would reach a total of $400 grand by sending $16,000 per year.  The fact that he has given "tens of thousands" of dollars last year means that the pace of the money-grab likely has accelerated.

Gutiérrez is one of the nastiest pieces of work in Congress, which I realize is quite a distinction, given the competition.  He is an open hater and a racist.

Consider his call to "eliminate" President Trump, literal "eliminationalist rhetoric," which is a bugaboo of the left when they claim that conservatives engage in it indirectly.

There is nothing illegal about Gutiérrez enriching his family from political donations in this way, so long as some actual work was performed, which should not be difficult to document, given that appearing at a rally counts as work.  But Gutiérrez is the beneficiary of a comically gerrymandered district custom-fashioned to be a safe seat for a Hispanic Democrat, by including mostly Hispanic neighborhoods and skipping over adjacent areas with fewer Hispanics:

I wonder if his constituents know about his cute little deal.  And if they did, would they care?

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