President Trump's speech in Warsaw was a smash hit

The very same human being reviled by his political enemies as mentally unfit to serve under the 25th Amendment was wildly cheered by a huge crowd in Warsaw, chanting, "USA! USA!" and "Donald Trump! Donald Trump!"  His speech delighted them, highlighting Poland's courage, endurance, and faith as a mainstay in defending our civilization, historically and now.  It was one of his best speeches ever.

He was introduced by First Lady Melania Trump, who looked more comfortable and in command as a public speaker than ever before.  Perhaps living in the White House is solidifying her command of her role, or maybe being in a Slavic land made her relax.  But she sounded splendid introducing her husband and is an obvious asset to his presidency.  Shortly after the speech, this was announced:

The office of Slovenia's president says U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to visit the small central European nation that is the homeland of his wife Melania.

Borut Pahor's office said in a statement Thursday that the Slovenian president extended the invitation on the sidelines of the Three Seas summit, a meeting of countries all bordered by the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas.

It was not immediately clear when the visit could take place.

We can expect the broadcast and cable news nets to minimize this very visible triumph in Warsaw for the president, one that contradicts the narrative of him being a disaster.  They will solidify their irrelevance to the extent they downplay or ignore this important story.  A lot of markers were laid down for the coming meetings in Hamburg.

It will be tricky making Trump look bad, but there will be no shortage of people trying.  And, based on experience, we can expect some of the efforts to boomerang, because so many people in the media have been driven mad.

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