Peak halal?

It has been a great racket for raising money for Muslim institutions from infidels, but it may have hit its peak, at least in Australia.  The Daily Mail reports:

Two of Australia's biggest breakfast cereal makers are no longer paying third-party companies to declare their products are fit for Muslims to eat.

Kellogg's and Sanitarium have declared there is no need to pay an Islamic business or charity to declare their products contain no pork or alcohol products.

Nestle no longer has halal certification applied to its chocolate bars, including Kit Kat, unlike its rival Cadbury. ...

Halal certification fees charged to food manufacturers fund Islamic schools, mosques and religious activities.

Two different Halal certifications in Australia

This change in policy ends the practice of forcing infidels to indirectly contribute to Muslim charities through higher prices covering the cost of certification.  And call me an Islamophobe if you wish, but a surprising number of what have been called "Islamic charities" have been discovered to fund violent jihad.

Keep in mind that none of the manufacturers dropping the certification is changing its products to make them unfit for consumption by Muslims.  They are just not paying for an endorsement.

It is a small step, but I will take it.

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