Of course Obamacare repeal is scary when you use terrifying fake numbers

Like almost every article written and every news report, not once does this article show actual spending for this year and actual proposed spending for next year.  The amount is almost always higher for entitlement programs. Instead, journalists take previous fictional ten-year projections and compare that number to new pretend ten-year projections, and then they dutifully repeat the Democrat talking points of disastrous cuts.  Then the media search for victims, and it is easy to find victims, because politicians from both parties have done such a good job making people dependent on government. It is no wonder we are so broke throughout the country, because whenever anyone attempts to do even minor controls on  spending, the media cry wolf. If the media printed the actual numbers, the majority of the public would know the truth and would know that the spending proposals are neither mean nor disastrous. Look at what happens when able-bodied citizens are...(Read Full Post)