New York Times continues to peddle malicious meme that Trump is antisemitic (or something)

The sore losers on the left continue to flatter themselves with the label “Resistance” for their inability to accept the verdict of the electorate that backed President Trump.  Since they want to think of themselves and their tantrum as brave and even epic, it is necessary for Donald Trump to be positioned as Hitlerian, so they can be just like those cool heroes that blew up railway bridges and rescued downed Allied fighter pilots in occupied France.  They know it is nonsense, but it makes them feel good, and as Rush Limbaugh has been saying for decades, liberalism is all about feeling good about yourself.

Frank Bruni today offers an op-ed for Times readers that is nonstop insinuation, starting with the title, “Why Does Donald Trump Keep Dissing Jews?”

When something happens once, it’s a curiosity. Twice, it’s a coincidence.

Three times or more, it’s a pattern.

And Donald Trump has established a pattern of offending — or at the very least ignoring — Jews. The most recent example was just last week, when he declined to pay his respects at a Holocaust memorial in Warsaw that other American presidents routinely visited.

What’s going on? The answer, in my view, isn’t quite as dark as many of his detractors would paint it. But it’s disturbing nonetheless, and his blunders when it comes to Jews speak volumes about his limitations as a person and liabilities as a president.

Once again, Donald Trump is doing things his own way, and his failure to act the way his critics want is evidence of deep flaws, in their view.  AT co-founder Richard Baehr emailed me:

I do not buy for a second that Trump has any issue with Jews, and I don't care much if he visits museum X or memorial Y. His family is Jewish, including his daughter and he is closest to her. His professional advisors were almost all Jews. He was in New York real estate for 50 years.

Dissing Jews? That is a crock designed to change the subject since Trump had a decent week. And Times readers love it.

And co-founder Ed Lasky asks:

Has Bruni ever written anything about Jews or Israel? Not in my memory.

Even if he has, it is not exactly his beat.  But maligning Donald Trump is everyone’s job at the New York Times.

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