New York cops turn their backs on de Blasio during funeral for slain officer

The massive disrespect shown by New York city mayor Bill de Blasio for the city policemen and women came back to bite hizzoner during the funeral for assassinated officer Miosotis Familia.

Familia was gunned down while sitting in her police car last week.  Instead of attending the officer's wake, de Blasio jetted off to Hamburg, where he was the keynote speaker at an anti-capitalist, anti-American protest. 

Yesterday, while thousands of police officers paid their final respects to Familia, Mayor de Blasio delivered a eulogy.  During his speech, hundreds of cops turned their backs on the mayor to protest his lack of respect for the police department.

It wasn't the first time New York City's finest made such a protest.  Two years ago, at the funeral of slain officer Wenjian Liu, hundreds of police also made their feelings known.

New York Daily News:

The blue rage was spurred by the mayor's excursion to Germany to join protesters at the G20 summit one day after last Wednesday's execution of 12-year NYPD vet Familia.

Photos showed hundreds of police officers standing on the Grand Concourse with their backs to the World Changers Church as the mayor's speech was heard via the public address system.

"The mayor is the compass for the City of New York," Patrick Lynch, head of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, said before the funeral. "And unfortunately, when a police officer got killed, his compass led him to Germany rather than here on the Grand Concourse.

The protest two years ago was over remarks de Blasio made in solidarity with Black Lives Matter:

De Blasio has taken heat from police officers for his ambivalence over Black Lives Matter protests, as well as remarks he made in the wake of the Eric Garner incident.

At the time, de Blasio said he warned his multi-racial son, Dante, about how to deal with police if confronted.

Two years after cops ignored de Blasio's speech during the funeral of slain Officer Wenjian Liu, the police again silently made their feelings known.

This is a mayor who has taken away some critical law enforcement tools that kept the violent crime rate down in the city and helped protect the lives of officers.  He has shown by his words and actions that he doesn't value the work of city police as most of his predecessors have.

But is a funeral really the place to make a statement opposing the mayor?  I think the disrespect he showed the Familia family by flying to Hamburg while they mourned their loss deserved some sort of response from the police.  In that sense, de Blasio richly deserved the disrespect of officers.

Opposition to de Blasio's re-election is fragmented and weak.  And de Blasio has been busy these last four years in tending to his far-left coalition of activists, minority groups, and rich liberals.  With no viable opposition candidate from any party stepping forward, it appears that de Blasio will coast to victory in November.