Update: New community features for American Thinker

By Staff

UPDATE - July 24th, 2017 @ 7:28PM EST

We want to inform our commenting audience that we have not yet updated our commenting engine to SPOT.IM yet. We want to assure you that you will not be forced to use a social network (FB,Twitter, etc) to post a comment. You will still be able to register/login with your American Thinker comments account and post comments. We have not nor will ever give another 3rd party your email/password information. We use SSO (single-sign-on) technology to authenticate an American Thinker user with disqus and now spot.im in order to allow you to post comments. This is how we prevent you from being forced to use or create a Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google account. We will keep you updated on a new launch date for the upgrade.                                                                                                                          

The American Thinker tech team has just launched a new commenting system for our articles, blog posts and videos.  The new system is called Spot.IM, and it is replacing our old commenting system, which was Disqus.  We made this change in order to satisfy the needs of our active community here at American Thinker, keeping up with the latest technology offerings as they relate to user comments.  It allows our website to behave more like a social network by showcasing real-time commenting across the entire site.  This system should be very familiar and retain all the features it had before.  All old user comments and other data will be imported into this new platform, so please bear with us on that front.  It will work with your existing login information.

New features include:

  • Click the "+" icon to the right to open a Newsfeed section, showing latest comments across the site and links to the article.
  • "Popular in the Community" section above the comments gives a smaller preview of latest comments and articles.
  • See the most recent influencers (via comments, likes) for a conversation at the top of the comments.

Any questions / comments / suggestions can be sent to editor@americanthinker.com.

If you experience technical problems, please write to helpdesk@americanthinker.com