MSNBC's Joy Reid flaunts her ignorance in attempt to smear Trump


Joy Reid joins the pack of progressive pundits unmasking themselves as ignoramuses in their fury at President Trump.  Reid, MSNBC national correspondent and host of that network's weekend morning show, AM Joy, attempted to connect a nonexistent dot and link President Trump to Russia, in its USSR incarnation, by marriage.  On Twitter:


Donald Trump married one American (his second wife) and two women from what used to be Soviet Yugoslavia: Ivana-Slovakia, Melania-Slovenia.

8:21 AM · Jul 21, 2017

I guess that to Ms. Reid, those Slavs all look alike.  Twitterers rapidly ridiculed the multiple mistakes embedded in those twenty words.  Ivana was Czech, not Slovak, neither of which was part of Yugoslavia.  "Soviet Yugoslavia" is a misnomer, indicating that Reid knows nothing about the Cold War.

Joy Reid checks her phone (photo credit: Phil Roeder)


Ms. Reid is a graduate of Harvard, the daughter of two highly educated professionals – in other words, a product of the elite education system of this country for two generations.  Her story, as she told it to the Daily Beast two years ago, is almost eerily reminiscent of President Obama:

"My father was from the Congo, and my mother was from British Guiana," says Reid, who was born Joy-Ann Lomena (but later took her husband's surname and, even later, for the purposes of her cable show and casual socializing, dropped the "Ann"). "They met in grad school at the University of Iowa in Des Moines. He's an engineer. My sister was born in Iowa. I was born in New York. They had my brother, got divorced a long time ago, and he went back to the Congo. He lived with us maybe a total of a year or two. Now he's the guy on the phone."

Reid continues: "He wasn't really part of our lives. Yet the first person to call me after Obama won the presidency was my father calling from Kinshasa [the capital of Zaire, today's name for the Congo, where Reid's dad runs an environmental non-governmental organization]. I had some ambivalence about it. It's difficult. He's a charming, funny guy on the phone. But he didn't help us in any way as a father. It's interesting, because he's become a presence for the first time."

For all his academic pedigree and biographical claim to worldliness, President Obama also was an ignoramus when it came to the details of European civilization, publicly referring to people speaking "Austrian" in Austria.

I am not certain what this indicates, since I cannot read the mind of either Obama or Reid.  But they both grew up with absent fathers in faraway Africa, fighting the legacy of white colonialism.  An intense curiosity about Africa and less interest of the details of the colonizers' civilization would be understandable.  But the broader problem is that neither of them seems to know that they are missing some important details and make clowns of themselves.

Extreme hatred has caused a lot of purported thought leaders of the Democrat media to expose themselves as empty suits and empty dresses, attacking Trump on bogus grounds, and too lazy to check their facts.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

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