Mr. President, please just stop it!

This is an open appeal to our media-besieged and much beleaguered president to exercise the power he possesses as commander in chief of our armed forces to be the ultimate decider, as George W. Bush might have called him, in limiting matters of military insanity.  The folly at hand is the reported move by the Defense Department to require all our military services to bend over so far to accommodate transsexuals within the ranks that the leadership of our various services appears to be viewing reality through their nether parts.

According to a sincere young ex-Army captain appearing on Tucker Carlson's show recently, the Army is disseminating directions to commanders on how to deal with issues arising from the presence of transsexuals of both genders in latrines and shower stalls in military barracks.  From my own long ago experiences in such environments, I can't really envision any problems in male barracks where a female confusedly thinking she's a male enters a shower with only soap in hand.  If forbidden by regulations to comment on the soldier's lack of a male appendage, you can damn well bet that all eyes of her fellow soldiers will be focused on that matter anyway.  This applies equally to the transsexual soldier's mammary attributes.  If that soldier isn't flat-chested as hell, there's going to be a lot of sidewise glances directed that way.

On the distaff side, things may be a chance more problematic.  I can imagine that in the case of a man in a shower room of young female soldiers, it would be only natural for the ladies to be wondering which one among them might be triggering a certain stand-out performance.

Mr. President, our armed forces as they have traditionally existed have long had to contend with hormonal-generated problems, and the last thing they need is a social experimentation program concocted by the Obama administration to add to the complexities of dealing with what nature hands them.  You, Sir, have the singular power to stop this nonsense in its tracks by simply countermanding the ridiculous Obama order.

So, Mr. President, please just stop it!

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