Misunderstanding Robert E. Lee in South Carolina

As yet another of Robert E. Lee’s statues tumble, it seems that his historical verdict has finally been decided. Perhaps, however, “decided” is the wrong word; it implies that careful consideration was undertaken, and a true de jure finding was ultimately served. But, that seems a rather unlikely scenario. What seems more probable is that Lee was just another casualty in a long procession of dead white men excised in the name of “purging racial animus.” Of course, this is absurd – this is absurd not because the nation is wrong in continuing to root out prejudice in all of its insidious manifestations, but because Lee is more complex than the casual Social Justice Warrior would lead you to believe. Much of the ire directed towards General Lee is misguided at best and mendacious at worst; his history has been the subject of manifold reduction, almost painfully to the point of absurdity. His socially conscious historiographers have framed him as...(Read Full Post)