Media oozes love for Steve & Edie, err, I mean, Joe & Mika

As if the public couldn't get enough of them, New York magazine has doubled down on disgusting us with an oozing, flattering cutesy-couple profile of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, likely as a means of annoying President Trump. who got into a scrap with the pair a few weeks ago on Twitter.

'Two besotted anchors. A president spurned. Love, Beltway-style,' the gag-inducing front page blurb reads.

Why they think the public wants more of these two talk show hosts, the oily, fakey happy Steve Lawrence and Edie Gormet of the T.V. world, is beyond us. Out on Twitter, the public could see right through the self-flaunting bragfest and the loathing is palpable. Twitchy has curated some of the finest of the reactions:

“New York Magazine out tomorrow” sounds like some kind of forecast that has us considering boarding up our windows, the Twitchy curator commented.


What's likely here is that the writer, Olivia Nuzzi, maybe wants something from them and thus, has done the oozing profile as a love offering. Maybe it's a T.V. gig, maybe it's a 'get' interview the pair can put in a good word for to ensure. Maybe it's a desire to be in their inner circle. What's unlikely here is that anyone would willingly buy this dreck, which is nothing but court-eunuch flattery that is an embarrassment to be seen with.

It shows the extent to which the media harbors incestuous relations, flattering one another, drawing the wagons, and uniting in their desire to Get Trump. One can only hope New York magazine takes a prestige loss from this disgusting flattery and Joe and Mika, as so many of them are when they appear on covers of this kind, are heading for the exits so some quality T.V. can replace them.


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