Journalist sanctioned for covering 'gay pride' anti-Semitism speaks out

A few days ago, Thomas Lifson reported on the bigoted case of a journalist for a Chicago newspaper aimed at homosexuals who was transferred from her reporting job to one behind the scenes because she dared to write about the plight of three Jewish lesbians forcibly expelled from a "Dyke March" because their "pride" multicolored flag sported a prominent Jewish star. The Algemeiner Journal, a newspaper on Jewish news based in New York, picked up on the story.  The reporter, Gretchen Rachel Hammond, a man who calls himself a woman, spoke at the Algemeiner's Summer Benefit in New York on Thursday, mentioning his personal background plus insights on the implications of the whole incident. I found the landscape in which our silos were placed was vast and beautiful but also capable of great ugliness in no small part because, as Laverne Cox once reminded us, "hurt people hurt people." Two weeks ago, I ran afoul of that ugliness by reporting...(Read Full Post)