John McCain's brain cancer: A tragic diagnosis for an American hero

Cancer seems to be more prevalent today than ever before, but that is an illusion.  Americans today are living far longer than did their grandparents, and if you live long enough, cancer becomes an increasingly common problem. John McCain has just gone public with his diagnosis of a particularly aggressive kind of malignant brain cancer – a primary glioblastoma, which was removed last Friday at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.  Doctors reported that the entire tumor had been successfully removed.  Regardless of your views on John McCain's politics, he is an authentic American hero who deserves our prayers and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Brain cancer is a particular tragedy, no matter whom it strikes.  Survival for patients with McCain's diagnosis averages – with aggressive treatment – 14 months, and five-year survival rates hover at around 10 percent.  John McCain beat the odds in North Vietnam, where...(Read Full Post)