Israeli government affirms ban on adoption by same-sex couples

The Israeli government has again rejected the notion of adoption by same-sex couples, affirming that adoption should be by a man and a woman and that adoption by same-sex couples places "additional baggage" on the adopted child.

This position is important, as it stands apart from what has become the norm in most Western and industrialized countries of permitting adoption by same-sex couples.

In the United States, before 1973, states commonly barred same-sex adoption.  With the rise to prominence of gay rights groups and the 1973 decision by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders (please also see here), states have decided or have been compelled to permit same-sex adoption.

Proponents of same-sex adoption argue that the practice poses no risk to children.  Well, aside for the example of gross immorality set by parents who live as a "gay couple," the facts say otherwise.  Some headlines of note:

There is, unfortunately, plenty, plenty more...

A comprehensive and controlled study documented that children of same-sex couples fare far worse across the spectrum than do children of heterosexual couples.  Among the data reported is that such children:

  • Are much more likely to have received welfare (IBF 17%; LM 69%; GF 57%)
  • Have lower educational attainment
  • Report less safety and security in their family of origin
  • Report more ongoing "negative impact" from their family of origin
  • Are more likely to suffer from depression
  • Have been arrested more often
  • If they are female, have had more sexual partners – both male and female

And regarding children of lesbian mothers, the data states that these children:

  • Are more likely to be currently cohabiting
  • Are almost four times more likely to be currently on public assistance
  • Are less likely to be currently employed full-time
  • Are more than three times more likely to be unemployed
  • Are nearly four times more likely to identify as something other than entirely heterosexual
  • Are three times as likely to have had an affair while married or cohabiting
  • Are an astonishing 10 times more likely to have been "touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver"
  • Are nearly four times as likely to have been "physically forced" to have sex against their will
  • Are more likely to have "attachment" problems related to the ability to depend on others
  • Use marijuana more frequently
  • Smoke more frequently
  • Watch TV for long periods more frequently
  • Have more often pled guilty to a non-minor offense

God established the universe with order – a physical order and a moral order.  Attempting to tamper with either order yields disaster; the above study and news reports evidence this quite clearly.  What more need be said?

I think the Israeli government knows this; if only other nations would follow suit.     

Avrohom Gordimer is a senior rabbinic fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values, a public policy institute reflecting traditional Jewish thought.  He serves on the editorial board of Jewish Action magazine, is a staff writer for the Cross-Currents website, and is a frequent contributor to Israel National News, Yated Ne'eman, and a host of other publications.  He is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America and the New York Bar, and he works as an account executive at a large Jewish organization based in Manhattan.  The views expressed in the above article are solely those of the writer.

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