Ignoring Schumer, Trump-crazed Democrat vows to 'eliminate' Trump

Sen. Charles Schumer tried to make the case yesterday that Democrats are trying to move on from the electoral drubbing of 2016 and convince voters they stand for more than just Hating President Trump, which is all anyone sees them as good for, given their crazed behavior.

Good luck with that one, pal.

Seems Rep. Luis Gutiérrez has been caught yelling again, this time about how he and his army of illegals plan to "eliminate" President Trump, ranting in some Methodist sanctuary church out in the ward-heel haven of Chicago a day earlier.  Gutiérrez ranted on for 20 minutes, and I am embarrassed to say I listened to all of it.

[H]e "spoke to a packed house about the need to defend DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and other forms of legal immigration status that are under attack from Republicans and Donald Trump."

Gutierrez said that while Trump is attempting to criminalize immigrants, the president is the "real criminal." The Congressman said illegal immigrants are not criminals and that history will determine who the true criminals are.

So Trump is "the real criminal."

And presumably, U.S. laws broken by illegals are criminal, too.

And the president has no authority to enforce U.S. law, despite being the chief of the Executive Branch of the U.S. and swearing at his inauguration to faithfully execute U.S. laws.

And as such, the president must be "eliminated."

It sure sounds like the Stalinist logic the Illinois Democrat springs from.  Eliminate?  As in kill?  He will likely tell you of course not.  In one part of his windy Windy City speech, he claims that his illegals-first movement will use nonviolent means to get its way.  But in light of all the "Kill Trump" dreck out there coming from Gutiérrez's branch of the left, it's pretty darn obvious that none of these thugs has changed his ways, despite public opprobrium.  One can safely assume they do mean business – and merit another visit from the very busy Secret Service.

To add another creepy note, Gutiérrez told the roomful of illegals he was addressing at the sanctuary church that they voted in high numbers and their votes made a difference.  Really?  Illegals?  We are sure he's right on that.  Any questions as to why Gutiérrez's home state of Illinois refuses to cooperate with the Justice Department's electoral integrity commission?

The bottom line here is that despite Chuckie Schumer's assertion that Democrats have turned over a new leaf and plan to stand for something more than just Hating Trump, the Democrats themselves haven't moved on from that dog-returns-to-its-vomit political strategy.  Gutiérrez is their latest example.  And don't think there won't be more.

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