Hijacking the 2016 presidential election

On July 18, an editorial in The Wall Street Journal put it this way (emphasis added): "President Trump cannot rely on Republicans in Congress to rally behind him," "and most of the media want him run out of office."

Consider the Journal's observation in these terms: pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, the American people, exercising national self-determination, elected Donald J. Trump president, and the media are working to subvert our expression of national will.  Should we be surprised that leftists are quick to denounce "nationalism"?  Apparently, for leftists, "nationalism" is a means by which the people can thwart those seeking what Madison, in Federalist No. 57, called the "ambitious sacrifice of the many to the aggrandizement of the few."

Anyone expect to read a statement from, the New York Times or the Washington Post to this effect?  "How dare the Wall Street Journal suggest that we are working to subvert the election of President Trump?  Why, that is tantamount to accusing us of undermining American democracy – when we know that that is the intention of Putin."  Of course not.  Working to run President Trump out of office has become the raison d'être of the left: the media, the Democratic Party, and their #NeverTrump allies in GOP circles, plus, of course, the permanent federal bureaucracy, including key intelligence agencies.

Here is a poll question for the American people: do you support the overthrow of the Trump presidency by leftists who demand the power to maintain a veto over the will of the people?

Certainly, this question should be addressed to Republican members of the House and Senate, in view of this assertion by Mike Allen at Axios, last month: "Beyond his base voters, Trump has an even bigger potential problem looming with his base in Congress. While Republican lawmakers won't say it publicly, it's widely known if they could pick between President Pence and President Trump, the Vice President would win 90% of the vote among the GOP."

The American people need to know: do congressional Republicans join the left in seeking the hijacking of the 2016 presidential election by the overthrow of the duly elected president of the United States?  Does this explain the inability of the GOP to end the misery of the Affordable Care Act?  Do Republicans who would undermine constitutional process by vetoing the election of President Trump disagree with Vice President Pence's assertion, on July 18, that "Obamacare has failed and Obamacare must go"?

Congressional Republicans: Is that a problem for you?

The vice president went on to say: "Every day Obamacare survives is another day the American economy and American families struggle[.] ... When Obamacare passed, we were promised that families would save up to $2,500 in premiums every years, but the average Obamacare plan today costs nearly $3,000 more than a plan did in 2013.

"While premiums are soaring, choices are plummeting. Next year, nearly 40 percent of Americans counties, including nine entire states, will have only one choice of a health insurance provider – meaning they'll have essentially no choice at all."

"No choice at all."  That is what the totalitarian left demands of the American people, generally: that they should "have no choice at all" in, among other things, the election of their president.  Rather, like it or not, they get the "single party" choice determined by Schumer, Pelosi, and their allies in the media-intelligence complex.

If congressional Republicans are to honor to their oath to the Constitution – thereby serving the cause of American liberty – they must rally round our duly elected president.