French president Macron pushed his way to stand next to President Trump at G-20 group photo

The very odd behavior yesterday of France's newly elected President Emmanuel Macron has tongues wagging all over the world.  When the G-20 leaders posed for a group photo, Macron pushed his way from the back of the group to the left edge of the front row, next to President Trump, greeting other leaders on the way, but pushing to the front row to position himself next to the American president.  The U.K. Telegraph colorfully walks us through the remarkable sharp elbows incident:

Starting off near the back of the G20 group Mr Macron appeared to lose his way, before an aide tried to direct him to his spot.

French President Emmanuel Macron (3rdL) leaves his position during the family picture to place himself next to U.S. President Donald Trump.

Noticing the commotion, Angela Merkel tapped Mr Macron on the shoulder to get his attention but the French PM was already making his way through the world leaders.

Mr Macron jostled and kissed his way to the front in an awkward reshuffle.


He finally joined Trump on the far left fringe at the G20 summit leaders' group photo.

U.S. President Donald Trump, center, gets a hug from France's President Emmanuel Macron  

You can watch the entire process here, but this commentary and editing from Fox & Friends condenses the action (hat tip: Jim Hoft):

It seems that the spot next to Donald Trump is highly coveted by other leaders of the world's most important countries.  Is the gathering of the world's most powerful people uncomfortably similar to a junior high school, where everyone vies for the attention and favor of the "cool kid"?  

Macron utterly violated protocol with his move to the front.  The U.K. Independent explains:

Protocol states that the most recently elected leaders must stand furthest from the host member in the middle – in this case Angela Merkel – yet Macron appeared to take this as an opportunity to zone in on Trump like a cruise missile. Not only did he stand by the US President, but reached out and grabbed him, before cornering him afterwards.

So is this just a matter of neophytes gathering on the fringe?  Of Trump being way cool?  Or is there something sinister afoot?  Sundance of Conservative Treehouse is suspicious:

*Note* There is a coordinated effort by global political leftists (control entities within multinationals and political constructs) to physically position Emmanuel Macron next to President Trump at every opportunity.  This is a structurally coordinated effort to enlarge the presence of Macron as an oppositional entity to the looming and dominant presence (figurative and literal) of U.S. President Donald Trump.

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