Epic rant: Fox News host Bolling slams De Blasio trip to Hamburg

If New York Mayor Bill De Blasio thought that a quick trip to Hamburg, site of the G-20 Summit, would buttress his far left bona fides and put him in position to run for the Democratic presidential nomination, he is apparently mistaken.

De Blasio has been subjected to a torrent of abuse on social media, while some media outlets have also savaged him. The New York Post headlined their story, "Don't come back!" which was a theme taken up by Fox News host Eric Bolling who went on an epic rant skewering De Blasio.

The Hill:

And do us all a favor and listen to The New York Post, which speaks for millions of Americans ‘and don’t come back’ de Blasio. Don't come back,” Bolling said on “The Fox News Specialists.”

The Fox News host called de Blasio a “disrespectful SOB," saying he went to Hamburg, Germany to “deliver a keynote speech to anti-Trump, far-left goons riding at G-20 meetings.”

“You aren't a social justice warrior, you are not a progressive for the people. You are a despicable, self-dealing clown who traveled to Germany to feed your need for cameras and microphones,” he continued.

Bolling connects De Blasio's disrespect of the police with the trip:

Bolling slammed de Blasio for his absence in the wake of a the “assassination” of an NYPD officer and for what he claims are de Blasio’s past “public displays of disrespect for cops.”

The Fox host pointed to the time when NYPD officers turned their back on de Blasio as tensions mounted between cops and the New York mayor over the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, at the hands of police and the assassination of two NYPD officers by a gunman.

Bolling used the example to say "de Blasio is no stranger to disrespecting law enforcement."

During a rally in Hamburg, Germany, on Saturday, de Blasio discussed his city's solidarity with the Germans and Americans' commitment to climate change despite Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate deal, New York 1 reported.

"Our Earth depends on you. We will never stop fighting for our Mother Earth," de Blasio reportedly told the protestors. "We will never stop fighting against racism and xenophobia."


Bolling also referred to De Blasio as "the lamest human being on the planet" which describes any number of liberals in America, but is especially appropos of De Balsio whose dismissive attitude toward the death of a police officer deserves all the invective that can be directed against him.

Of course, the far left activists looking for a champion in 2020 don't care about the optics of De Blasio's trip. All they care about is De Blasio's anti-Trump credentials. In that, De Blasio is second to none on the left so in that sense, he advanced his prospects by showing up in Hamburg just as the goons began to riot.



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