Donald Trump, the (Un-)Masked Magician

Back in the late 1990s, there was a popular TV show called Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, in which a masked magician showed the audience how some of the most famous stage magic tricks were done.  This horrified and outraged professional magicians everywhere, as it struck at the heart of their livelihood.  Donald Trump is doing the same thing to the entrenched Washington establishment, only without the mask, and with a much greater outcry and resistance from the lobbyists, politicians, and media hacks he is exposing on a daily basis.  

The first major salvo that went against convention was in July of 2015, when Lindsey Graham called Trump a "jackass," foolishly thinking Trump would let him get away with it.  Trump lifted the veil on this trick and gave out Graham's cell phone number in retaliation during a speech.  Establishment Washington was horrified – this just isn't done. 

In foreign affairs, Trump has knocked the United Nations back on their heels by labeling them "obsolete."  Actually, it's a brilliant scheme to shame some of its freeloading member countries into paying up their fair share or risking further humiliation.  They have been allowed to underpay for so long that it's about time someone called their bluff.  In her recent meeting with Donald Trump, Angela Merkel appeared as uncomfortable as a grade school student who's just been called down to the principal's office.

Trump has stripped the bark off the Washington elite, exposing their sleight-of-hand, doublespeak, and delay tactics designed to preserve the status quo.  The establishments of both parties, as well as their willing accomplices in the media, have launched an all-out assault on the Trump administration and, more directly, on the president himself.  They have attempted to paint him as a madman, unhinged and out of control.  However, there is a method to his supposed madness, which he has honed over the years as a tactic to draw his opponents out and reveal their hidden agendas and ulterior motives.

In an interview with Tom Brokaw in 1980 (available on YouTube), a 33-year-old Donald Trump laid out a rational argument for wanting to purchase the World Trade Center.  This interview demonstrates that Trump is crazy like a fox and uses his current over-the-top persona as a tactic.  Here, he lays out a reasoned argument with a calm, rational demeanor in complete contrast to the mainstream media's portrayal of him as president.

Trump's opponents have much to gain from protracted hearings into what increasingly is proving to be a partisan Democratic Party fairytale regarding Russians and the supposed "hacking" of the 2016 presidential election.  

Former FBI director James Comey has set himself up as a 21st-century Anita Hill.  You'll recall that Ms. Hill told the Senate Judiciary Committee that her only motive for testifying was to tell the truth about Clarence Thomas at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing.  When asked, she expressly denied that she would use her appearance as a springboard for a book deal and paid speaking tour.  We all know how that turned out: Ms. Hill has written several books about her alleged victimhood status and commands several thousands of dollars per speech.  Comey is following in her footsteps with a rumored book deal said to be worth $10 million.  His future profiteering in this matter will make Hill look like a piker.  Once again, Trump the (un-)masked magician has exposed another self-serving opportunist masquerading as a Boy Scout.

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