Democrats living but not learning

Not surprisingly, there is already talk of 2020.  It's the way it is in this crazy age of campaigns that go on for years.

What is very surprising is that Democrat donors and elites are seriously considering nominating Senator Kamala Harris, a liberal U.S. senator with very little national experience.

It sounds to me that this is a party living but not learning.  Has one of these donors looked at an electoral map of the U.S.?

I agree with George Neumayr:

The growing chatter among Dems about her as a potential 2020 candidate is yet another illustration of the party's lack of seriousness.

At a time when it should be downplaying its image as an out-of-touch bi-coastal party, it deepens that image by pushing one more San Francisco radical forward.

Who knows, maybe Harris can run with Pelosi.

According to press reports, Harris wowed supporters of Hillary's at a recent fundraiser in the Hamptons. 

What a compelling look for a defeated party – a San Francisco kook feted by routed East Coast plutocrats impressed by her stern questioning of General Mattis over the plight of transgender soldiers. That should work well in the Rust Belt and the South.

Even Mark Penn, Hillary's former strategist, is wincing at the party's direction. He recently wrote that the party can't recover if it stays on this far-left course. He proposes that the party adopt a more measured, less intolerant liberalism. But his plea is falling on deaf ears. 

The party is in no mood for any Sister Souljah moments. It remains the party of, evident in the gushing over Harris for having raised money for it off her classless antics against Sessions and company.

Do these donors seriously think that a liberal woman from California will win?  Besides that, Harris is not just liberal.  She is an extreme leftist on most issues.

Frankly, she reminds me a lot of another liberal and very ambitious woman, Wendy Davis, who was trounced in 2014 in Texas.

Davis "bought her fame" by hitching her wagon to an abortion debate in the Texas legislature.  Harris is buying her fame by becoming the face of the so-called "resistance" to everything Trump.

Then, like Clinton, Davis thought demographics would elect her.  It did not work when Hispanic women were turned off by her abortion message.

Twenty-twenty is so far away that anything can happen.  After all, who predicted President Obama in 2005 or President Trump in 2013?

Nevertheless, Harris is the wrong choice for a party decimated under the Obama years.

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