Comey cashes in: Seeking 8 figure advance for book deal

The man Democrats wanted fired when he was director of the FBI and then actually fired by Donald Trump, is seeking an 8 figure advance from publishers to write a book about his life.

Former FBI Director James Comey met with representatives from several publishing houses in New York last week looking to ink a gigantic book deal that will be worth millions of dollars to him. Comey is being represented by one of the most prestigious agencies in the business and competition to get him signed will likely be fierce.

Business Insider:

"It's a book about leadership and his search for truth, informed by lessons and experiences he's had throughout his career, including his recent experiences in the Trump administration," Javelin partner Matt Latimer told the Times.

"It will speak to a broader desire in our country for more ethical leadership."

Comey was unexpectedly fired by President Donald Trump in May, after which Trump said "this Russia thing" had been a factor in his decision. The firing prompted the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller to take over the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Comey testified in June before a widely viewed Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, in which he detailed his concerns that Trump had attempted to interfere in an FBI investigation.

According to the Times, Comey's book will not take the form of a salacious tell-all memoir, but will instead delve into his decades-long career as a federal prosecutor, Justice Department official, and eventually FBI director. The book will, however, also touch upon more recent events, including his investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and the FBI's Russia probe.

Comey had initially been reluctant to take up offers by agents and publishers, but eventually changed his mind, the Times reported. His agent said he will use the book to impart lessons on ethics, decision-making, and leadership.

Comey's book will likely be widely anticipated, and some have previously speculated he could receive as much as an eight-figure advance. The book will also undergo legal and governmental vetting to avoid disclosing classified information.

I'm sure Mr. Comey believes that a book about his life will be a real page turner. But Comey was a bureaucratic non-entity before he became FBI director and reading about his "ethical leadership" will likely make his book a fine substitute for a sleeping pill.

By the time the book hits the shelves, no one will care about his firing. In fact, how many people will remember him? And are there enough rabidly partisan Democrats who would spend the $30 to confirm what they already know?

Not mentioned in the blurb about his upcoming book is what he plans to say about the Hillary email investigation. He spent far longer on that case than any case related to President Trump. A whitewash is likely.

In a capitalist society, we should celebrate people who hit the jackpot and cash in on their celebrity. But I know of one bestseller I will take a pass on reading when it comes out - probably next summer.

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