Columbia University pays large settlement to student harassed by ‘senior thesis’ of ‘Mattress Girl’

You remember Emma Sulkowicz, aka “Mattress Girl," don’t you?”  She accused fellow student Paul Nungesser of what these days is termed “gender-based misconduct,” but which seems to be really just rape, or maybe sexual assault, if a jury so found. But after a thorough investigation by University authorities, Nungesser was exonerated. Sulkowicz did not accept the judgment, and, as the Columbia Spectator put it: Sulkowicz protested that finding in her senior art thesis, “Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight),” in which she carried a mattress with her at all times in a critique of the University’s decision not to discipline Nungesser. The thesis made national headlines, and Sulkowicz spearheaded a national student-led push for a reformed gender-based misconduct process. Sulkowicz became an international celebrity, carrying her mattersss around the Columbia campus. As a result of the ridicule and abuse...(Read Full Post)