Colorado's 3,400 voter de-registrations scaring Democrats

Democrats have always dismissed Republican concerns about illegal voter registrations and evidence of fraudulent voting as pure fantasy.  Why, no illegal immigrant would dream of voting in a U.S. election, despite demonstrating a penchant for lawbreaking by entering the U.S. illegally.  There's no such thing as a multiple-county or multiple-state voters despite the assorted convictions of ACORN operatives, which tell a different story.  There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant casting a ballot – despite big money for voter registration efforts in illegal immigrant areas.  Meanwhile, the very idea that illegal votes would be heavily slanted toward benefiting Democrats – who, in the Hugo Chávez style, offer free stuff from others' pockets – is unimaginable! Turns out that what's going on in Colorado refutes each and every one of those echo-chamber "narratives." Top officials in the...(Read Full Post)