CNN and Acosta hoisted on their own petard… and then some


If you want to read a brainy analysis that literally had me laughing out loud, check out Deplorable Don Surber’s column, brilliantly titled, “Defiant Girl Acosta proves Trump is no tyrant.”  He nails the fantasies of the self-righteous left with that image of Defiant Girl.  They see themselves bravely confronting powerful and dark forces.

Almost like the Tiananmen protestors run over by the tanks… except that all they get is positive support from colleagues, and the official apparatus of Trump’s Police State leaves them alone. Or as Surber puts it, “…his over-the-top rhetoric would not be possible if Trump were truly were what Acosta says he is.”

But it is the writing that makes this so enjoyable, as he logically skewers Acosta and CNN and turns their argument 180 degrees against them: 

Obama was a wuss who CNN and everyone else handled with kid gloves because they feared being called a racist if they told the truth about him.

CNN went Full DPRK News in praising Obama's IQ, basketball prognostications, and oratory skills. That last one was disproved every time the teleprompter went out and he was left to sputtering until he said Okie Dokey, or something equally inane.

Acosta went on CNN and said whatever the hell he wanted about the president, and yet Acosta declared, "What we're witnessing right now is just this erosion of our freedoms in terms of covering the president of the United States."

Sure, pal, sure.

If by "erosion" he means "restoration," because now it is OK to berate the president again.

Read the whole thing.

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