Charlie Gard: We are no longer Great Britain

Today, I feel ashamed to be British.  Little Charlie Gard appears to be under a death sentence courtesy of Great Ormond Street Hospital and the British Courts, with the agreement of papers such as the Guardian, whose opinion is, as expected, "tripe" (that's a British dish of offal).

The wonderful offers of help from all around the world have been awesome and deeply moving, and in today's Daily Mail, Charlie's mum explains how she first discovered her son's condition.  I don't know how anyone could be unmoved by such a story, and I am sure anyone who is a mother will understand about Connie Yates's Mama Gard maternal instincts.

On Monday, July 10, Judge Francis said the family had until 2 p.m. on Wednesday, July 12 to come up with fresh evidence that proves that an experimental treatment would be beneficial.  Sadly, that time is almost up.

The other thing that this story reveals, which disturbs me a great deal, is the current state of Great Britain.

Why can't Charlie be taken out of the country for the treatment so kindly offered by President Trump and the pope?  Apparently, the British courts have the final say and the family has been refused a new judge.  I feel as though I have been asleep for many years and have suddenly woken up.  During my Rip Van Winkle dozing, I have awoken to discover that I now live in a totalitarian state where the courts decide whether my child can live or die, where they can withhold medical treatment as and when they decide, where they can prevent treatment in another nation, where the rights of the individuals involved can be thrown on the floor and trashed like so much refuse.

My conclusion can only be that we are no longer Great Britain, but just another country being taken over by socialist despotic ideologues.

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