Challenges for Obamacare purists on the reach and scope of government

One prominent talk radio host said a while back that Americans shouldn't rely on health care insurance.  They should pay their medical bills out of their own pocket.  That's what his parents did.  Then he added a note of sympathy: of course, not everyone is rich, so he understands. Then, on July 13, 2017, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a libertarian who ran as a Republican, said on the Michael Medved show that GOP politicians promised repeal, and then he omitted the "replace."  Clever. We have been trending toward big government since FDR, aided and abetted by liberal Republicans like Nixon.  And so the problem facing purists is how to break this formula: 1. Self-interest + government handouts = need or love for big government. How do purists who dominate talk radio and TV and various websites wean the public off that formula without breaking this one? 2. Self-interest + taking away...(Read Full Post)