California Dems panic over their tax hike, sue 3 college Republicans for successful recall petition

Democrats control both houses of the California State Legislature with two-thirds majorities, allowing them to pass any bills they wish, with no possibility of obstruction from the powerless GOP.  As Democrats will when they feel empowered, they recently passed a major hike in gasoline taxes that will take over $5 billion a year more from the pockets of motorists.  With the GOP powerless, what could possibly go wrong? Apparently, they forgot that California's state constitution permits recall elections, which is odd, considering that Governor Gray Davis was recalled, and Arnold Schwarzenegger famously became governor within the memory of most members of the Legislature.  But three members of the College Republicans at Cal State University, Fullerton (in Orange County) remembered, and in record time, they gathered more than 85,000 signatures on a recall petition for the local State Senator, Josh Newman, a freshman just elected.  That is enough to...(Read Full Post)