Black Lives Matter riots in England

The virus of racial hate-mongering has spread to London, as rioters carrying “black lives matter” placards created chaos following the death of a suspect held in custody by the police. The BBC reports:

Fireworks and bottles were hurled at riot police as a protest following the death of a black man turned violent.

Rashan Charles, 20, died after being apprehended by police in Dalston, east London, on 22 July.

Earlier, a peaceful protest took place at Stoke Newington police station which Scotland Yard said was separate.

Angry clashes broke out on Friday evening after protesters blocked part of Kingsland Road and set mattresses alight.

Some of the protestors carried Black Lives Matter placards. (snip)

At one point protesters, some wearing masks, jumped on to a lorry and clung to the wing mirrors as it drove through the barricade.

Breitbart linked to a tweet with video of this terror-like (Nice, Berlin Christmas Market) attack:

There was even more violence. with police tweeting, "Officers have been subjected to abuse and violence. Whatever the frustrations, this is patently not what the family of Rashan Charles wanted."


The enemies of Western democracy long ago discovered that aggravating racial tensions is one of the best ways of hobbling the performance of economies and societies based on personal autonomy and achievement. Policing offers opportunities on a regular basis to claim systematic oppression wherever demographic segments of the population differ in their level of adaptation to the demands of a free economy.

In earlier ages, disease traveled from continent to continent on ships. Then came airplanes, and the spread of diseases like chicken flu into global epidemics. With electronic mass media, however, the virus of hate can be transmitted instantaneously.

But somebody went to the trouble of printing up Black Lives Matter placards:

I wonder who?

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